Running For Beginners: 50 Things You Should Know

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After years of helping tens of thousands of runners get started with the Running For Beginners programme, ultramarathon runner and coach Chris Worfolk answers the most common questions that new runners ask.

How should I start? What is Couch to 5K? What do I do if it is too hard? Do I need to slow down? How should I warm up? Should I stretch before or after a run? What time of day should I run? Does running get easier? How often should I run? Can I run every day? Indoors or outdoors? How fast should my 5K be? How do I increase my running? How soon can I run a marathon? Should I run barefoot?Is my heart rate too high? What do I do about sore muscles, pain, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, side stitch and knee pain? Can I run with asthma? How do I get faster? Should I cross-train? Should I do strength training? What strength exercises should I do? Should I foam roll? What shoes should I buy? Should I get fitted? What bands are best? Are my shoes causing me injuries? When should I replace them? What should I wear? Should I use compression gear? How do I avoid chafing? What app should I use? Do I need a sports watch? What headphones should I use? What should I eat before, during and after running? Should I use protein powder? What should I drink? How can I lose weight? How fast can I lose weight?

Inside the book, you will find answers to all of these questions and many more.

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