Vote Chris Worfolk, Monster Raving Loony Party candidate for Leeds.

Key Policies

  • Increase minimum wage by linking it at least five pints at Wetherspoon's
  • Increased focus on the mental health
  • Make placebos and chocolate available on prescription
  • Reduce waiting times in A&E by allowing people to pre-book emergencies
  • Abolish the minimum voting age

Download my 2015 manifesto.

2015 Election Results

I ran for the City & Hunslet ward of Leeds City Council. Results were as follows.

Candidate Party Votes
Patrick Davey Labour 5,292
Ed Carlisle Greens 2,694
Richard Salt Conservatives 2,320
Khalil Kungulilo UKIP 808
Jahangir Aziz Liberal Democrats 573
Me Monster Raving Loonies 104