Expert engineer for hire

I have over a decade of experience working in the software industry, specialising in gaming and healthcare. I have a passion for software architecture and effective design practice.

I work extensively with the open source stack including PHP, LAMP, Ruby and web front-end. I have worked extensively with high-performance systems. I have also worked in automated testing and have experience with TDD, BDD and Continuous Integration.

To find out more, connect with me on LinkedIn.

Consultancy clients


How To Exit Vim

My book, How To Exit Vim, does not cover anything except how to exit Vim. It has 19 chapters. Details.


IT Contracting Master Class

I teach courses on IT contracting, PHP, HTML, CSS, GTM, accessibility and interviewing.



I run a network of websites on a variety of topics. Find out more on the Worfolk Online website.

Open source projects



Kuusamo is an open source learning management system (LMS) written in PHP. It features course and student management, certificate generation and a plugin architecture. Learn more.


Rauma PHP framework

I am the author of Rauma, a full-stack PHP framework. I also work on a number of different open source projects. You can browse them on GitHub.


SHOUTCLOUD for WordPress

All caps as a service. SHOUTCLOUD is a revolutionary API service that allows you to do your string manipulation in the cloud. Why waste time upper casing strings on your own server, when a simple cURL request to SHOUTCLOUD will do it for you?

I am not involved in SHOUTCLOUD directly. However, I do maintain the WordPress plugin for it. Take your blog to the next level by shouting everything.